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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Word

as i've been told within this class, for an answer to a question i had and im sure alot of us had it as well : " why we have some subject that really is not helping us much with what we doing or what we ever want to do in the future???"
The simple answer was : any thing we pass by we gain an experience from, even the bad thing you get to know to avoid it in the future, the useless subject, you get to realize you what you need exactly from it and it will be powerful to know about most of the stuff in your field.

The good thing that it really helped me to get through the Unwanted subject from my point of view.

The Bad thing is that i really wished to had this since i was in the school, it would really save me alot of time fighting within me for subjects i thought they were a wast of time. but im thankfull for it anyway
getting it is better than not getting it at all, at least in this life :)

Thank you

The Umbrellas event - 3rd and final project of the contemprary Art course

Time : 8th and 9th of may 2010
Place : Limerick city center - Catherine Street
In Details :
it was the last project for this course that combine both masters students from Music technology & Interactive media, in a Creative Piece of interaction experience between physical art and audiences.
To tell the truth we were horrified at the start from the idea, and we thought its gonna be a big massive disaster, as a lot of us not into choreography or dancing beside the time limit.
Thanx for Triona our coordinator, she really started to grab us all together to start dealing with it, Jill worked on creating the movements and the choreography, it was simple but beautiful, music tech guys decided to contribute in their own specialty "MUSIC" and they did great job based on row material like empty small and big water bottles and some of them were filled with small pebbles and lette from our class did the big Drum.

Triona got black papers as an idea to have face masks and the whole class contribute in making the masks and it was really brilliant.
i was in charge of video shooting the whole event with two music tech. guys, Graeme and peter " the two who did the beautiful music piece of the Wind section from the last project.
The event was a success, the people in the street really were so curious about it and as far as i noticed, most of the audience waited to watch the whole event till the end, and its great that you can see the people giving the umbrella group their imaginary boundaries so they can move freely without interference from them" the audience ".

was Brilliant work and a great experience to be involved like this with the people, i had so much audience experiences but as a theater show and audience sitting in the specif places, never been like this in public. it was a lovely feeling and weird at the same time.

here some pictures of the event.

the video is coming soon


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ethics Presentation, Finally Finished TG

It was a long subject actually it was so Heavy "for me at least" a so stretched subject i dont think we needed it to be for a full total semester , a one or two classes would have been more than enough really, as a student having the experience i have to say that if we had a Practical class for more video shooting or even Marketing or Management would be Great.
to say something as well i learn a lot about the copyright which i wanted to know so much about it BUT not from the class Tutor , its from one of the final Presentation that done by the class students. which was a Great Presentation as well.

and this is our presentation intro :

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Proposal Presentation

The name is KtchNote, the concept is a Machine that will be in all our kitchens knowing from it what we have in the kitchen, giving us an idea about what to cook, how and alot more.

check out the Video :)

and Please feel free to comment .


The KtchNote Proposal Presentation from Aladdinkishk on Vimeo.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Stór " InDoor Installation

its the same Group "E" the mixed one between I-Media & Music Tech.

Group E:
Aladdin, Fionn, Graeme, Peter & Triona

A Stór Is an interactive sound and video installation that pays homage to the archives of The Irish world Academy of Music and Dance. The archives of the IWAMD are a real treasure trove where precious audio and visual recordings are stored on a mixmash of formats. Here, those old nostalgic and comforting formats like vinyl and vhs are remediated to function in a new way. Artifacts are embedded with rfid tags so the user can scan an object and it seamlessly plays the corresponding video on the rearprojected screen. This immersive installation reflects the fusion of respect for tradition and thirst for innovation that is at the core of the IWMAD.

The Look :

The Requirements :

The Event :
Here is a full video about the event, And A big Thanks to Tricycle " Oisin Lavery & Colm McGetrick " for helping us especially the SCREEN

The plassy house "LightHouse EleMENTAL" 14th Aprl 2010

it was the second project for Music technology and interactive media mixed together and creating 5 teams.Our Team picked the WIND as our theme for this Outdoor projection Project. there were Earth, Water, Fire and Spirit, as the five elements of Nature and life

it was a big hustle work for all of us , Video, graphics, music and etc... but thanks god we all made it on time, actually most of us did it within a week "max 10 days" which is a big achievement for such a project.

for Our Wind theme .. i was the one for the Video and Animation, Triona as usual was co-Creative for the main storyboard and the programming for all the projection issue , using Oisin " Tricycle company Owner and an Previous I-media student" Patch for managing the picture on the screen, Fion was doing graphics and storyboard as well, Graeme and peter from Music technology were handling the Music of course.

loved the work with Triona as she is so organized and can manage the deadlines and she out of panic due late or something went wrong beside she is so Creative.

beside that i was the aftereffect supervisor in the class according to my background experience, and i was really proud of the whole class for the outcome from what they achieved using this Program .

i have to say that i was lucky to be in such a class in such a year mixed with such students from different countries, full of positive energy, fun, laugh, love and appreciation

here is the Original Visual for The WIND :

i know i have been busy recently but i was having a quality family time

within last easter my family came to visit me and my Partner in Ireland for the 1st time, and it was so Great days, they stayed for two weeks , but it was fll of joy , talk, night chat and games.

i know this is a bet personal, but i really wanted to share the good moments in my blog as well.

and im so blessed to have all my beloved gathered at the same spot , wish you all the same :)


Thursday, March 18, 2010

My 1st st patrick's day

Well telling the truth was so excited as it was my 1st parade ever in the Europe, as i thought it will be amazing, and i cant tell you how devastated i am after the Parade. it was a hideous parade, not organized, rarely you hear music, everything was not planned plus what is the idea of showing alot of Governmental cars and People in their uniforms.

what about the Tanks .. its really was weird to put such material for such event !??!

i really was so Devastated and angry as it should be a beautiful ceremony. not Crap as the one i saw, alot of my friends told me that i have to go to Dublin to see the real nice one, and it was Ironic to know that the Best in the state even !!

really wished i was the one Organizing this event, i would do :

1- filtering any group want to attend the parade by having a costume, a dance theme and a big figure or mask to make a scene.

2- any car would like to be within the Parade should have a really unique Option, not any stupid car can enter the Parade.

3- its a great way to marketing, so i would do a pricing list for any brand or company would like to have their name within the parade. but as an add in between the parades and to be unique and catchy and matching the artistic needs.

4- all the kids and children in the parade should be having a practicing for 2 month in advance " its not a sudden event .. its the 17th of march every year" so its easy to plan for it.

5- will do alot of Balloons and kiosks for rent for People who are interested in renting these kiosks for one day for the event , selling a nice and unique merchandise .

well thats it so far

I'm always mad about such beautiful opportunities within the really BAD hands.

really too bad

Monday, March 15, 2010

Technology & Health care by Lette and colette

This is my mind mapping for todays presentation :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Guys Check my latest update on my YouTube :)
here are some

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mind Mapping 1

This is for Beata presentation For mind mapping

what Does Being a Designer means to me ?

Sine i was a kid i loved designing and drawing.. and i always was making my comments using Drawings & some times got into troubles cause i used to draw teachers and student always.

and yes i love Creating drawings "Recently animation" from a white blank . i thought it was a normal thing when i was young and by the years goes by i figured that its really a habit. as not every one having that drawing talent.
for me as i worked for few years as an Graphic Designer - Art Director - Creative Director, it really means alot to me . its the way i can sometimes reflect my own emotion to the public, my own imagination and my own design .. to tell the truth i do all this sometimes using a clients project . but come on all the designers do the same. other than that we wont be able to see alot of beautiful creation if it wasnt from that fantasy world inside the designer brain.

here is a project i do it within my own imagination :

But its not like that all the time, as some of the clients demand some aspects in their product and here comes the hard part, which is how to Manage creating a nicely Art work matches between You"The Designer" , The Client"The Producer" & The Receiver "Viewers".
so far i have been told that im a really good negotiator with any clients during the meeting, as i wont stand up and fight for my Ideas or artwork. im sure that they are nice, but the problem is : Are they are nice for the Client yet to pay for them. here any designer which a bit of management skills should avoid this Gab and get over it. to know exactly what the client want and to Design it within your imagination so the outlet become great. But dont ever take their sides in criticizing you art "this called lick Arces ". believe in what you design and respect others in their prospects against or with it.

here is one of the primary design for a program mode and logo :

and here is the final look after a big brain storm with the client :

the result of that.. that its really bonded the relation between the designer and the client, as when the clients really feel that they can have the right in making changes in the design for their own product, they really appreciate it and they always love the integrated work with a designer that is not so complicated or have issues for anything.

Again .. sometimes its hard to make the Harmony, as not all the clients are creative minded, be carefull who you giving some spaces to interfere with your design, some clients really have the ability to grab it down to hell. and the designer will be the one to blame. so Its a matter of personal and professional judging of who to let interfere with the design decision .

thats it


Arduino .. sorry but i dont like you..Yet !!

it was two days for damaging nice toys playing with their guts .. with Fernando Orellana "Artist - Assistant Professor - Electronic Art Union College - ", and i guess i was the only one among almost 18 person that didnt like it at all, the wires , the green electric ships. for me it was awful, for me im into designing and creating beauty things out of nothing.. i know its almost the same concept, it just i wasnt that interested in this type of creativity.
i freaked out of breaking toys and playing with their remaining parts .an
d i really was not surprised at all from what we achieved by the end.. making lights switch on and off. i didnt see any magic in that to be honest.
But again it was only me :( .. maybe i was blocking my self that day. but i know my self well, when the matter or the subject doesn't call me fro
m an interesting point i just loose interest totally.
if any one want my attention .. just put some picture and movies there .. " its a hint ;)"

down there you can see how happy i am :)
This was my 1st experience with Arduino !