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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Word

as i've been told within this class, for an answer to a question i had and im sure alot of us had it as well : " why we have some subject that really is not helping us much with what we doing or what we ever want to do in the future???"
The simple answer was : any thing we pass by we gain an experience from, even the bad thing you get to know to avoid it in the future, the useless subject, you get to realize you what you need exactly from it and it will be powerful to know about most of the stuff in your field.

The good thing that it really helped me to get through the Unwanted subject from my point of view.

The Bad thing is that i really wished to had this since i was in the school, it would really save me alot of time fighting within me for subjects i thought they were a wast of time. but im thankfull for it anyway
getting it is better than not getting it at all, at least in this life :)

Thank you