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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Word

as i've been told within this class, for an answer to a question i had and im sure alot of us had it as well : " why we have some subject that really is not helping us much with what we doing or what we ever want to do in the future???"
The simple answer was : any thing we pass by we gain an experience from, even the bad thing you get to know to avoid it in the future, the useless subject, you get to realize you what you need exactly from it and it will be powerful to know about most of the stuff in your field.

The good thing that it really helped me to get through the Unwanted subject from my point of view.

The Bad thing is that i really wished to had this since i was in the school, it would really save me alot of time fighting within me for subjects i thought they were a wast of time. but im thankfull for it anyway
getting it is better than not getting it at all, at least in this life :)

Thank you

The Umbrellas event - 3rd and final project of the contemprary Art course

Time : 8th and 9th of may 2010
Place : Limerick city center - Catherine Street
In Details :
it was the last project for this course that combine both masters students from Music technology & Interactive media, in a Creative Piece of interaction experience between physical art and audiences.
To tell the truth we were horrified at the start from the idea, and we thought its gonna be a big massive disaster, as a lot of us not into choreography or dancing beside the time limit.
Thanx for Triona our coordinator, she really started to grab us all together to start dealing with it, Jill worked on creating the movements and the choreography, it was simple but beautiful, music tech guys decided to contribute in their own specialty "MUSIC" and they did great job based on row material like empty small and big water bottles and some of them were filled with small pebbles and lette from our class did the big Drum.

Triona got black papers as an idea to have face masks and the whole class contribute in making the masks and it was really brilliant.
i was in charge of video shooting the whole event with two music tech. guys, Graeme and peter " the two who did the beautiful music piece of the Wind section from the last project.
The event was a success, the people in the street really were so curious about it and as far as i noticed, most of the audience waited to watch the whole event till the end, and its great that you can see the people giving the umbrella group their imaginary boundaries so they can move freely without interference from them" the audience ".

was Brilliant work and a great experience to be involved like this with the people, i had so much audience experiences but as a theater show and audience sitting in the specif places, never been like this in public. it was a lovely feeling and weird at the same time.

here some pictures of the event.

the video is coming soon


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ethics Presentation, Finally Finished TG

It was a long subject actually it was so Heavy "for me at least" a so stretched subject i dont think we needed it to be for a full total semester , a one or two classes would have been more than enough really, as a student having the experience i have to say that if we had a Practical class for more video shooting or even Marketing or Management would be Great.
to say something as well i learn a lot about the copyright which i wanted to know so much about it BUT not from the class Tutor , its from one of the final Presentation that done by the class students. which was a Great Presentation as well.

and this is our presentation intro :