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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Proposal Presentation

The name is KtchNote, the concept is a Machine that will be in all our kitchens knowing from it what we have in the kitchen, giving us an idea about what to cook, how and alot more.

check out the Video :)

and Please feel free to comment .


The KtchNote Proposal Presentation from Aladdinkishk on Vimeo.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Stór " InDoor Installation

its the same Group "E" the mixed one between I-Media & Music Tech.

Group E:
Aladdin, Fionn, Graeme, Peter & Triona

A Stór Is an interactive sound and video installation that pays homage to the archives of The Irish world Academy of Music and Dance. The archives of the IWAMD are a real treasure trove where precious audio and visual recordings are stored on a mixmash of formats. Here, those old nostalgic and comforting formats like vinyl and vhs are remediated to function in a new way. Artifacts are embedded with rfid tags so the user can scan an object and it seamlessly plays the corresponding video on the rearprojected screen. This immersive installation reflects the fusion of respect for tradition and thirst for innovation that is at the core of the IWMAD.

The Look :

The Requirements :

The Event :
Here is a full video about the event, And A big Thanks to Tricycle " Oisin Lavery & Colm McGetrick " for helping us especially the SCREEN

The plassy house "LightHouse EleMENTAL" 14th Aprl 2010

it was the second project for Music technology and interactive media mixed together and creating 5 teams.Our Team picked the WIND as our theme for this Outdoor projection Project. there were Earth, Water, Fire and Spirit, as the five elements of Nature and life

it was a big hustle work for all of us , Video, graphics, music and etc... but thanks god we all made it on time, actually most of us did it within a week "max 10 days" which is a big achievement for such a project.

for Our Wind theme .. i was the one for the Video and Animation, Triona as usual was co-Creative for the main storyboard and the programming for all the projection issue , using Oisin " Tricycle company Owner and an Previous I-media student" Patch for managing the picture on the screen, Fion was doing graphics and storyboard as well, Graeme and peter from Music technology were handling the Music of course.

loved the work with Triona as she is so organized and can manage the deadlines and she out of panic due late or something went wrong beside she is so Creative.

beside that i was the aftereffect supervisor in the class according to my background experience, and i was really proud of the whole class for the outcome from what they achieved using this Program .

i have to say that i was lucky to be in such a class in such a year mixed with such students from different countries, full of positive energy, fun, laugh, love and appreciation

here is the Original Visual for The WIND :

i know i have been busy recently but i was having a quality family time

within last easter my family came to visit me and my Partner in Ireland for the 1st time, and it was so Great days, they stayed for two weeks , but it was fll of joy , talk, night chat and games.

i know this is a bet personal, but i really wanted to share the good moments in my blog as well.

and im so blessed to have all my beloved gathered at the same spot , wish you all the same :)